The World of Search


This may be a bit of an odd first post, but recently there have been major and “exciting” new changes in online search that I felt compelled to speak up about. Since online search impacts many of the fundamentals of what we do, it is important to note some of the major improvements in that arena.

For social media search, Technorati got a face lift. Technorati is now the first major example of the new trend in online search deemed “universal search.” In short they knocked down the category silos allowing users to search the breadth of social media(blogs, pictures, videos) in one search vs searching for a specific term individually in blog search, picture search and video search. This is also a major change in direction for Technorati as it becomes more of an overall social media search engine with less focus on pure blog search. You can read more on TechCrunch.

More important is the term universal search that was announced by Google and commented here on GoodMorningSilconValley. As this is slowly rolled out I suspect the dramatic changes seen on Technorati will also occur on the online search engines such as Google and Ask.

Lastly, yes, I mentioned For anyone who will listen…yes the commercials are true, it is all about the algorithm and currently has the best. may not pull as many results as Google, but it absolutely provides better results(in my opinion). In particular, its blogs and feeds search is very strong.


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