Client wants on Second Life…Criticisms mount

With all emerging technology there is a seedy darkside that helps push the new platform along that is rarely discussed and mostly ignored in the media until a critical mass hits. Well, that day is now here for Second Life. In the past week I came across two posts/articles discussing some of the more deplorable activities that are engaged in on Second Life: TechCrunch and InformationWeek.secondlife

What is worse is that the CEO appears to embrace these activities as proof of a growing community. How does this impact recommending client interaction in Second Life? I would proceed with extreme caution. The clients home on Second Life could be destroyed or simple association with this platform could result in unforeseen negative coverage. It is quite possible the media backlash Google is beginning to encounter could also result with Second Life as its status as a media darling begins to diminish and this story becomes more established.



One response to “Client wants on Second Life…Criticisms mount

  1. Hello D,

    This is an old post, but I will respond anyway.

    There are now numerous successful, serious and well-attended business and Web 2.0 conferences and events held in Second Life in simulations (sims) that are designed and built for business newcomers. Attendees will not encounter anything terribly strange other than the occasional wacky avatar sitting next to them. I have seen that “SL residents” are generally very helpful to those attending events in SL rather than seeking an immersion experience.

    Educational institution regularly use Second Life for immersive learning. There is a large and growing number of schools, colleges and universities represented there using sims for a variety of educational and artistic purposes. Students attending will also probably not encounter anything terribly strange or seedy unless they seek it out.

    Because avatars in SL are people in real life, I imagine there is probably as much likelihood of running into problems in SL as there is in real life. One can be smart and stay out of the bad neighborhoods in SL as in real life. I live in New Mexico and the same can be said of Albuquerque. Newcomers driving on the seedy section of Route 66/Central Avenue can get a bit of a shock, but if they can get downtown to downtown or oldtown they will not be disappointed. As far as I can tell, ABQ businesses seem to survive just fine despite, and even on, Central Avenue. SL residents have built a virtual world with a similar variety of experiences.

    New explorers wandering randomly through sims could encounter some seedy stuff, but there are so many beautiful, creative and thoughtful builds there that it is a shame to discourage folks from checking them out. A good way to find these great sims and builds is to use the search tools to find groups of folks sharing your interests such as business, art, architecture, education, public health, etc.

    I know many more businesses are starting to use the platform for collaborative events and meetings, saving fuel and travel expenses. Newbies to SL from the business community will likely be met by some more seasoned “residents” who can show them the ropes and they should have a very interesting good time there.

    I am a 3D content creator using SL and I have met a variety of great folks from around the world ranging from immersion players to those using SL to augment real life business. I enjoy working with both.



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