Lonelygirl15…Web 2.0 you are not

While reading Digital Daily today (is there a better tech blogger out there…I submit that there is not), I came across new happenings at everyone’s favorite fake YouTube channel…Lonelygirl15. You may remember her as the actress who posed as a 16 year old and was outed.


Apparently they are still making content and on top of that, pulling in sponsors. While the “show’s” traffic may justify advertising or product placement, I felt compelled to write how this would not be a good example on how clients can engage in a Web 2.0 environment. In my mind this is the exact opposite of transparency, conversely this could represent an excellent new area for product placement.

I’m actually confounded on how Lonelygirl15 can still exist. I suppose fake reality shows are just as popular online as they are on cable…thoughts?


One response to “Lonelygirl15…Web 2.0 you are not

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