Nielsen/NetRatings new rating system

Determining the ranking or readership of online sites has often been a confounding problem. The recent leading metric has been page views, however new technology (read AJAX) has made this very unreliable.

Nielsen/NetRatings announced that it will now rate sites by total time spent by a visitor on a site. Here is a great quote by Scott Karp (Editor of Publishing 2.0):“The problem is that the Web is not a monolithic medium,” writes Scott Karp. “Reading a blog, using instant messaging, and using Web search are utterly different — the idea that one metric can be used as a yardstick to compare them is absurd on the face of it.

…Maybe it’s time we dropped the obsession with old media metrics and started thinking about Web native metrics.” I am constantly asked about online ranking of sites and while there are several options, each has its own set of unique problems as discussed in this BusinessWeek article. Thoughts?


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