Bloggers want to Strike…readers go elsewhere

Did you ever wonder if you favorite blogger was being fairly compensated?

Confused…I definitely did a double take this morning when TechCrunch provide a post discussing a recent WSJ article about “a coalition of left-wing bloggers trying to form a labor union that they hope will help them receive health insurance, conduct collective bargaining and set professional standards.”

This seems a bit absurd to me, especially since I’m in the South(general sentiment would be the concept of unions is a bit outdated). It does highlight the many different ways a blog is put together. Some are owned by an individual, generating revenue through online ads. However, some of the more top tier blogs/blog networks pay individuals to provide content, while the owner collects on the advertising and possible VC money.

Personally, I think if a union is created and bloggers strike…readers will just go to a different blog. Blogs need daily/weekly content. Without the content, the blog will soon be considered dead and readers will disperse…which I guess could be an argument for the power of a blogger union. New inovative products/ideas emerge from entrepreneurs (particularly in world of Tech) not unions. Thoughts…


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