Search Update – more fractured and less useful!


Im not entirely sure how I became a search nerd, but as Ive arrived at this conclusion I have noticed that search really isnt getting better. For those of you that havent seen…Technorati updated their site again. Quite upsetting. They succeeded in making their site slower to load/navigate as well as create a new section called Topics. What false hope this was…instead of…I dunno…ranking out top blogs on certain topics like the Top 100, they have decided to create a running stream of select blogs on only a handful of broad topics(see making site slower). This is on the heals of the CEO leaving…brilliant way to lower your market value before selling yourself to…Google? Here are a few more search engines Ive come across:

Good Search – Search while donating to charity (Great idea…uses Yahoo search engine)
Hakia – “meaning-based” (semantic) search engine (very interesting, still testing)
Mahalo – world’s first human-powered search engine (not impressed)


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