Off Target…


So your name is Regan Ritter and all you want for your birthday is an iPod. Mom buys said iPod and today is your birthday. Life is grand…then you open iPod box to find…rocks, lots and lots of rocks. This is unique…and so you decided to exchange your rocks for an iPod at Target. Alls well that ends well…until you open your new iPod box to find…rocks. Suddenly you are unimpressed with the new and improved iPod.

This is what happened to a Fort Worth teenager. Is this news worthy? Maybe not, but the manner Target handled the situation surely is. Target’s customer service said there was nothing that could be done to replace iPod, but that she was welcome to use the $350 store credit on other items.

“In the end, we’re pleased she was able to use her store credit in full to make other purchases.” – Target customer service

Yep…and the Ritters were pleased to pass that along to the news. Sometimes I wonder if customer service policies guarantee employment for crisis communications. How easily this situation could have been avoided…


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