The most important area of the internet today


Success, so Ive piqued your interest. What may you ask is the most important thing on the internet today – search. Wait hold up…I promise if you have any interest at all in where search may be headed…this is valuable.

We are way past the critical mass of content and now the focus is managing and find this content in the most efficient way possible. 2007 has seen a ton of changes and new ideas brought to the search conversation.  There was a recent article in Business Communications Review that I felt spins our current search environment on its head. The Cliff notes on this article can be found here on GigaOM.

The crux of it all. The top search engines base there search rankings on links. How many people link to your page and how many people link to the people who link to your page. To me this is obviously not going to show without fail the most popular and accurate content on your search query. What we need to know is how many people go to a site, how long they stay and how many pages/documents they click through.

Where can this content be found…the network providers. That is easy…more importantly is finding out how we can merge the networks data to a single hub. The article addresses this, but users results from a given search engine will only be as good as the number of networks it pulls its data from. In my opinion it could provide an easy answer to the network neutrality debate. If networks are now receiving revenue from its users traffic, hopefully that would be a strong enough argument to dissuade networks from charging for priority, thus a free and open internet. This could drastically change the Internet landscape ensuring and entrepreneurial spirit as well as improved search. If all search engines began using identical data (network usage numbers), it would require that they focus on improved ways to package this data to the consumer…its exciting…if you are a search nerd.

If you have entertained this post to the end…here is the reward. Ever wonder what the Internet would look like in a periodic table format…enjoy


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