You think you know, but you have no idea…untold story of the iPhone

iphone_jobsWell CES is finally over…giving tech geeks just a few days to prepare for the most important tech show this year…MacWorld and devote their energies towards firing up the Apple rumor mill.

As a precursor to the Event, Wired has put out an excellent article of the untold behind the scenes story chronicling the creation of the Jesus Phone aka iPhone. While I know my colleagues on Nokia may start breaking things if they hear one more word about Apple’s “innovative” smartphone…this article is an intriguing read at how iPhone changed the structure and economics of the U.S. wireless industry. Not only will it open up networks for consumers and drive demand for higher priced, innovative handsets, but also create increased value for carrier networks through new products and services.

Dont believe me…then take it from our great friends at Good Morning Silicon Valley:
Almost as if Oprah herself had blessed it, there’s universal consensus across the blogosphere today that if you’re at all interested in Apple, the iPhone and mobile communications, you need to read a new Wired piece by Fred Vogelstein.


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