It took Ghosts for me to see the light…


At first I was a huge skeptic. Im a pragmatist and in the end artists need to make money. Radiohead’s similar move to allow fans to pick their price was not an overwhelming monetary success. Then I was alerted by GMSV by posts on The Technium and Ars Technica and I now see the light.

What NIN did was a bit different. They didnt give it all away, but instead provided a 9 track sample(out of 36). They packaged their albumn six different ways for six different tiers of fans with the highest price point a limited addition collection for $300…that brought in $750,000 in three days. Thats called making money.

What NIN has done is demonstrate the success of the “1,000 True Fans” strategy, which is a slight modification of the long tail. The idea is you dont need a hit to make it nor do you need to adapt to the masses. If you can simply attract 1,000 diehards who will buy everything you do…you will succeed. Apparently NIN has at least 2,500 “True Fans.” Kudos to them…


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