Evolution in Online Video – Meet DimP

It comes as no surprise that a great deal of innovation is occurring in the arena of online video as its proliferation continues. According to BitTorrent CEO Doug Walker, “Video to the PC and video to the TV is expected to grow by a factor of 10 over the next three to four years.” Google continues to struggle with monetizing YouTube with advertising, but how people interact and control video could rapidly change.

DimP, a direct manipulation video player, was presented by a group from the University of Toronto. The technology allows users to navigate their position by dragging objects within the video along their visual trajectory. The creators estimate that this doubles search speed in video. When I first read this I felt that it was merely a cool feature, but doubted its speed and utility. After viewing the demonstration though, I am convinced that we will see this everywhere in about a year(maybe less). The technology provides pinpoint accuracy that you just cannot replicate with today’s video scroll bars. Take a look…

You can see a longer demonstration here


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