The 19th Hole – 6/12/08

So how does sports fit into Connected? Beyond the internet and technology overall, I believe two other areas that connect people around the world are our sustainable future and sports. That and I am a huge sports enthusiast, so I have decided to include a new post series called the 19th Hole that will casually comment on sports topics and top links I come across. Here goes:

  • Perhaps the NBA should go back to the drawing board with its latest ref scandal. I am getting tired of explaining to my parents on the phone why something is a foul. Seems it always involves time of game and if the guy passed or shot vs actual contact. Lets face it…fouls in the NBA are completely arbitrary and there is a clear star system. That said…I do not believe the latest allegations by Donaghy. We have to hope it is not to that level.
  • Ah Kobe Bryant. I remember loving him when he first entered the league, but you are a team killer. It is ridiculous how he has been hyped to finally be a great teammate. Unfounded, just look at his demeanor during the finals. A team leader and worthy role model Kobe is not. See Curt Schilling’s first hand comments on the topic. This is not what a MVP is made of.
  • Manchester United players celebrateIt is slowly happening…I am becoming a soccer fan. Does not get more global than that. I was all over the Champions League final and now I find myself watching the Euro 2008. Turns out I just needed world class soccer to get into it. Yeah I just called you out MLS
  • Lastly, there is reason why Rick Reilly is the best. His most recent article discusses why we all need to cheer for Phil instead of Tiger at the US Open. And I quote…rooting for Tiger is like “rooting for erosion.”  Rooting for Phil “is like rooting for the salmon to eat the bear.” Enjoy.

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