One Plug to Rule Them All

This morning I was alerted to a new universal power adapter from Green Plug. Fascinating and perhaps game changing for consumer electronic energy consumption. Many electronics such as laptops, iPods, etc. require DC power via batteries. Recharging these DC power sources requires converting the AC power we get from power outlets. Unsurprisingly, this is very inefficient and most devices require individual custom AC to DC power transformers or chargers.  greenplug_powerhub

Green Plug’s efficiency and positive environmental impact can be seen in several ways. First, it will eliminate the need for companies to develop and ship custom battery chargers because consumers can charge all the DC powered electronics from a single universal charger hub. Westinghouse recently announced that it has adopted the technology. Not only will it eliminate unneeded production of chargers, but also the disposal of them once a product is replaced.

Another significant advantage is that Green Plug converts the AC to DC power more efficiently and shuts down power to devices that are fully charged. Preventing energy consumption from charged devices can dramatically cut down on phantom or “vampire energy” waste. Here is what Green Plug states about its environmental impact.

I hope this technology takes off. Its smarter, more efficient and benefits companies, consumers and the environment. Perhaps its time to send a motivational email to Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung and Nokia to get on board.


One response to “One Plug to Rule Them All

  1. While this certainly seems like a very consumer friendly product, I am not so sure there are too many major manufacturers would willingly adapt to the universal plug system for power. Proprietary power supplies are high-margin items for CE sellers and they often go to unusual lengths to prevent generic adapters from working properly with their products.

    I think the next large step in technology that will truly give rise to a universal power system is wireless charging systems. Imagine being able to plug a device into a wall socket that wirelessly detects your personal CE devices within a certain range, charges them and shuts down upon completion.

    I think we need to think less wires, not better wires. I think that will be the nail in the coffin for proprietary wired power sources.

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