Apple vs Microsoft…not so clear cut

My work has recently provided me the chance to live in a Mac world…exclusively. I was excited about the opportunity because I have heard for years the greatness that is OSX and how Macs are significantly more sad_macsecure (security by obscurity?) and provide a flawless computing experience. I jumped headlong into the Mac ocean…eh-em…pond I mean.

Understandably, I have been a daily Mac user for exactly four days. I may need a full month of usage to compile a fair revue, but I find my user experience lacking. Many have told me that moving around in the Mac environment is very intuitive and simple. I agree, but perhaps its too simple. I am very knowledgeable of Windows and its inner workings and thus far have found the OSX coming up short. There is a great post I happened on to today at Gizmodo that mirrors my thoughts and mild frustrations. As the post suggests, perhaps I am just too smart for Macs.

Probably my greatest complaint would be the functionality of programs beyond the browser. Lets get serious, trying to use Microsoft Office on a Mac is obnoxious compared to Windows. When I am working in Word, I want it to be the only thing in my screen and the text should be simple to read. Yes, I have learned the magic of the little green button, but it takes significantly more work to operate Office on a Mac. Simple…not so much. Also, one mouse button is great until you want to copy a link. Now I have to hit Control and the Mouse simultaneously. In Windows land I can copy thousands of links and paste them into a document without ever utilizing the keyboard. Trite? Perhaps, but this is not simpler.

My roommate has a solution for my MS Office woes. Its called Parallels. This virtualization software allows you to run OSX and XP at the same time (unlike Boot Camp). With Parallels, I can get flawless browsing and media experience, while creating documents in its native world. For this reason, I may still consider getting a Mac for home computing, but surely this option is not simpler. Additionally…No Microsoft Money for OSX and a Quicken program that is embarrassing. How do the Mac faithful budget?

Lastly, there was a recent mention on Buzz Out Loud about the Mac vs PC commercials and how Microsoft has yet to respond. The mention points to a great conversation on its message board about how this impacts the business of both companies. I however was surprised that there was zero mention of Microsoft’s plans to respond as laid out in the June 2008 issue of Fast Company. You can hear my response and their candor on episode 753. I think this makes me legit. I am officially a content provider for CNet.


One response to “Apple vs Microsoft…not so clear cut

  1. Justin Hennig

    It is sure is fun to read all these posts about you, what you think about things, and even being directed to other sites that are talking about you. I would keep up the good work, in no way are you being led down the path of being a self-important blowhard!!

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