The Blogoshpere frontier is no more


Recently a friend of mine questioned whether traditional or new media was the more significant medium from a Tech PR perspective for reaching consumers. While this question plays an important role in marketing, I think the answer is more of a blend with a little bit of column A and a little bit from column B. Traditional media has been crucified the past few years for not “getting” digital distribution and allowing the revolution to pass them by.

Well, traditional media woke up and opened up their wallets. Yesterday news broke that the Guardian Media Group will purchase ContentNext, which owns top tech blogs paidContent and mocoNews. This comes on the heals of the Conde Nast acquisition of Ars Technica and the Washington Post syndication of TechCrunch (similar to its deals with paidContent and mocoNews) in May. CBS’s recent purchase of CNet demonstrates new media digital broadcast distribution taking hold as well.

This blend of traditional and new media is necessary for the survival of both. Top tier blogs have finally begun to adopt journalistic reporting standards to enhance their credibility. Traditional media has allowed the incubation of these startup news sites so that a clear business model and readership could be established. Now it is prepared to embrace digital distribution through two strategies. First, traditional media is purchasing the framework and writers that have developed successful businesses. The other is taking top traditional reporters and giving them a blog. The Wall Street Journal may have done this best with AllThingsDigital. While some may be upset that larger news publishers are buying up the voice of the blogoshere, I believe this is a natural progression that will benefit consumers by providing accurate, credible news through the channels they want to receive it.


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