The 19th Hole – 7/27/08

I loath the month of July. Not necessarily because the furnace like weather in Texas is at its peak, but instead because it is a dead zone for sports. At least when concerning my interests, there is hardly anything going on. I can actually meet with friends on the weekend without a care of what game I am sacrificing. This can be highlighted through PTI taking the entire past week off. Its a difficult time, but I was able to roundup a few notable stories.

  • Are you ready for some football? I know its a bit mean to start that chant when we are still about a month away from regular season college or pro games, but yesterday the LA Times reported that NBC will live stream Sunday night NFL games. This is huge. Following ABCs live streaming experiment earlier this year with the NCAA Tournament and NBCs Olympic coverage (ablbeit delayed), I truly think the last significant online video gap is on the verge of being conquered. TiVo and Hulu adequately handle on demand TV show consumption, but sports generally requires live viewing and I am ecstatic networks are finally building out the infrastructure to allow high quality sports viewing for fans regardless of their location and access to a TV. Perhaps we may even break similar ground with Notre Dame this year too. One can only hope.
  • The Sports Guy. The intrigue of Bill Simmons is beginning to unravel. While I understand he is supposed to be the voice of the fan, I place strong importance in quality journalism. He has written some amazing articles including the article about Jamiel Andre Shaw Jr. earlier this year, but his recent blast on the sport of tennis was poorly researched and showed even less effort in word choice. A friend and I recently commented on his shortcomings, which are highlighted by the arrival of Rick Reilly to the ESPN family. To Simmons credit, he does discuss his tennis face-plant in this podcast, but I am hoping this may have been a wake up call and push him to raise his craft to a new level. His entertaining style is undoubtable, I am just hoping his credibility can match.
  • Favre Gate. Perhaps due to the lack of true sports news in July, this modest story has snowballed into the daily news lead for every sports show. This is an unusual stance for me, but I believe that Green Bay is more in the right than Favre. Regardless of whether he felt pressured into retiring, Favre did retire. It is not fair to the organization and his teammates to be held hostage by a single player. Aaron Rogers has displayed decent promise in limited action and it is fair to require a competition for starting QB if Favre comes back to Green Bay this year. Rogers is the future and has displayed unbelievable control throughout this ordeal, which cannot be said for Favre. Polls have shown that even the fans think Favre should remain retired. It is clear now that he will play this year, I hope he can without hurting his legacy. This is not the storybook ending we had in March.

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