Gmail vs Outlook(Exchange) – Is This a Joke

In the last couple weeks two top tier blogs, Lifehacker and ReadWriteWeb have posted stories on how Google’s beta Gmail not only competes with, but is better than Microsoft Outlook for business communication. Lifehacker’s post came out first and received a lot of attention, mainly because it was such a radical concept. It stuck with me though and I became perplexed when just two weeks later highly respected ReadWriteWeb proposed the same idea.

I believe all ideas have merit, but it is simply wrong to suggest Gmail has dethroned Microsoft’s Outlook and its Exchange service. I am not alone as the comments for both posts disarm and criticize the analysis or lack there of as one commenter suggests. In fact what both were really arguing was Gmail versus Outlook with Exchange, but for some reason ReadWriteWeb in a particular consistently focused on Outlook alone. Of course Outlook is not mobile, but Exchange is the most powerful mobile email service available. Hopefully this is just two misinformed Gmail fanboys stirring the pot, and not something more insidious like Google prepping for Gmail coming out of beta by engineering positive posts for the product’s business usability. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this all just comes off as way to coincidental. Perhaps I need not worry about the integrity of Google because how could one question a company that has “Don’t be evil” hanging on their wall.


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