Cloud Hopping

Cloud computing for the every day user is right around the corner. More than simply the next tech buzz word, companies are  putting into motion business plans that address what is deemed the future of computing. Probably the most significant news came out of Camp CloudMicrosoft. The semi-mythical Midori has already received coverage this year as Microsoft’s future operating system that will replace Windows. Now even more intriguing, Midori is reported to be a cloud computing operating system. This is a bold yet necessary move, and finally Microsoft has beat Google to the punch. Google has discussed the browser as the future operating system. Surely it has plans to develop more than the programs and tools, but also a browser/OS as well. It is nice to know there is competition for a cloud OS considering all the issues surrounding Android.

One issue with the cloud routinely brought up is security. While there is not any good updates here, companies can now rely on Zscaler for web filtering through a cloud based service. I imagine this offering will have strong appeal because it relieves the burden of running filters and security on your own servers. AT&T also announced, though garbled,  a complete end to end cloud solution dubbed Synaptic Hosting. The significance here is that AT&T will not only manage the services, but also the network it runs on, which gives the company greater control and presumably higher reliability.

Need more on the cloud, well BusinessWeek just released a special report titled the CEO Guide to Cloud Computing that provides a great deal more fodder to the discussion. Humorously, Dell decided it would try to trademark “cloud computing” and in completely unrelated news Delta decided to take cloud computing literally and the era of the tag cloud is on notice.


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