Killing the Internet One Innovative User at a time

comcasticVideo killed the radio star, however Comcast is trying to prevent online video from doing the same to the overpriced and unnecessary cable industry. Comcast announced that on Oct. 1 it will begin capping broadband connections at 250 GB a month. Currently this is a huge amount of data with a limit that the average internet user (2 GB) would never even begin to approach. So why would Comcast make such a cap? It is all about the impending online video future.

The cap Comcast has put in place will directly impact online digital media growth and innovation seen through services such as Hulu, Netflix, On Networks and Move Networks. Their motivation is to protect its video on demand services and prevent ISPs from becoming commodities as 250 GB does not go very far if you are watching HD programming online like movies and live sports.

Our one hope lies in the hands of Congress providing the FCC the power to prevent metered access to the internet. The FCC just recently slapped Comcast on the wrist for degrading P2P traffic on its network which has brought about the consequence of the net neutrality double edged sword.  Metered internet access could irrevocably change the development of digital media and the online user experience.


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