Online Evil has a Name – Googopoly


Google’s unchecked online dominance may finally be coming to a close. The company just had its 10 year anniversary and in that time it is hard to argue that they have not established monopolies in both online search and advertising. With its next three large initiatives, Android, Chrome and O3b, it has become clear that Google wants to own and monetize every action we do online. While most of Google’s projects have failed, its successes may now warrant antitrust evaluation.

The Justice Department is currently looking into whether it should launch an antitrust case against Google regarding its search advertising deal with Yahoo. It seems clear that a deal that would give 80+ percent of the search ad business to one company is bad for advertisers, consumers and innovation. Sounds like a monopoly too, which may be why the California Attorney General is also looking into the matter.

Then on Friday, the New York Times broke the scandal that may prove to be the straw that broke an empire. It appears as though Google’s algorithm may receive human assistance in the process determining what business are allowed to succeed online. One day earlier, CNet News uncovered Google’s log anonymization propaganda that proves the company plans on tracking the indivudual search history of its users indefinitely. Even more disturbing is the npGoogleOneClick5.dll plugin that is installed onto every existing browser on a computer when a user downloads Chrome. It then sends all URLs a user clicks back to Google, regardless of the browser you use. It fits the very definition of spyware and at minimum violates a certain code of ethics with consumers.

Don’t be evil. It was a great idea while it lasted.


One response to “Online Evil has a Name – Googopoly

  1. ah..beginning to understand your anti-gmail campaign. Love to hear your thoughts about the Google dominance?

    Always thought to myself- if a company just grew massively, but had great products, gave back to the world etc – are they evil?

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