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The 19th Hole – 8/13/08

Can you smell it? Are the withdrawal symptoms that began in early February beginning to subside? Are you ready for some football? That is right – it is time. The NFL kicks off on September 4 with the Redskins taking on the New York football Giants. It is pleasing to the soul. Here are a few other highlights from the week:

  • Chad Pennington. Poor Chad. Everyone knows Brett Favre is a member of the Jets, but few people mentioned the unceremonious release of 2006 NFL Comeback Player of the Year. A great leader, fan favorite and statistically one of the franchise’s best quarterbacks of all time. His one great downfall being injuries, he deserved a little bit more. Excitement now builds for the Jets opener against the Dolphins, Pennington’s new team.
  • Padraig Harrington. Once can be viewed as luck. Twice and we are starting to see a trend, but three PGA major golf victories in 14 months and I think we may have a Tiger hunter. It is important to put into perspective the enormity of Harrington’s PGA Championship win. It has been 78 years since a European has won the tournament and he is the only European in history to win back to back PGA majors. All that and he has a cool name. Count me in on the bandwagon.
  • Redeem Team. I am not sure I can get on board here. I bought into the hype and decided to be one of the estimated billion plus people to watch the U.S.A versus China. It was a good first half, but a bad game. Moreover, I found myself rooting for China. Either I like underdogs, am disgusted with the NBA or am simply a pinko. Overall, I am just not into the Olympics this year, but did love watching the U.S.A. 400 freestyle relay team put France in their place.
  • Phelps

  • Caleb Campbell. The U.S. Army just shot itself in the foot. It stated it had a new policy that would allow cadets with exceptional skills to forgo their military commitment and serve through a recruitment capacity. After all the publicity and positive PR surrounding the first West Point cadet drafted in 11 years, the Army learned it did not have the authority to do this. The Lions lost a draft pick and time will tell if Campbell lost his opportunity to play in the NFL.