how to make bill gates cool…


Microsoft PR…they may be on to something. In the second week of ’08 we may have campaign of the year – making Bill Gates a lovable Geek. Think Apple’s Mac Vs PC campaign is ingenious? You haven’t seen anything yet. Overall Gate’s keynote at CES 2008 was regarded as strong, but its the video accompanying the presentation that is snagging the blogoshere headlines.

The video features Gates’ last day at the office, in which he works out with Matthew McConaughey, tries to impress Bono with his “Guitar Hero” chops, tests Jay-Z’s patience with his rap skills and lobbies to land the VP spot on the Democratic ticket.

This is a great example about how you must be bold to create an endearing and viral campaign in today’s critical online environment. If Microsoft only went half way…this never would have worked and they would look completely foolish for it.

You can view a segment of the video here. Full version here.



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